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About Us

Welcome to the Slum City About Us page.

Do you ever think “why can’t I just get a normal t-shirt with a cool, uncomplicated design or slogan?”

These days, it seems everything has to be “Softstyle”, “Jersey”, “Tri-Blend”, “Curved Hem” or even worse “Premium Heavyweight”, “Champion Performance” or our particular favourite “Premium Viscose Hemp”!

What are these things? Do people really search for a “Premium Viscose Hemp” t-shirt? And who cares?!

We are here to keep things simple.

Man wearing a white t-shirt with Simplicity written in black

Our t-shirts are Gildan and Bella and Canvas and our Eco t-shirts are Stanley/Stella. All well known t-shirt brands.

From low-cost basic tees and fitted tees for men and women to the Eco tees mentioned above.

We’re doing the same with hoodies, tank tops etc. If you ever see anything like a “Premium Viscose Hemp” t-shirt on this site, please alert the relevant medical authorities and feel free to report us to the fashion police and go and shop elsewhere!

Our t-shirts are only in black or white. Why? Because everything is simply binary, right? Black or white, right or wrong, yes or no. Forget all the muddily bits in the middle, we’re not interested. If that’s you, you’re in the right place. If, however you would prefer a “Premium Viscose Hemp” number in Orange, then I’ll wish you luck but I’m afraid we’ll have to say goodbye!

Also, where possible, we will have an eco-friendly version of each product. We decided not to go with only eco-friendly products for the simple reason that they cost more and we want to have products at a price affordable to all our customers. So until that imbalance changes, we will continue as we are.


My name is Anselm Duprey, I’m a former travel agent from London, my nickname is Slum, given to me by a good friend on account of the state of my room when I was 18! I used to call my Fantasy Football team Slum City and always thought it would be a great name for a business so when I started this company (in 2018), it was a “no brainer” choosing the name!

So, Slum City has now been in existence for over 3 years! And, as they say, you learn from your mistakes!! I wish it had been as easy as I naively thought it would be but I wouldn’t change it for the world. The object of the exercise was and is to make simple, original t-shirts (and other stuff) at affordable prices. I’m not here to change the world or re-invent the wheel. I just want to create a little oasis of simplicity for like minded individuals and give you the opportunity to wear something different that reflects your individuality and represents how you feel about life, the universe and everything!

So often I’ve tried to find a t-shirt that does just that and more often than not have ended up frustrated and disappointed. So, the obvious solution was to do it myself.

And here we are!

So if you’re “one of us”, as I like to say, and you don’t want to be like everybody else, sign up to Slum City! Our mailing list is free, after all!

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We also have Spreadshirt and Redbubble shops where we have alternative products available that are not on our website. So, please take a bit of time to check them out.

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Our Supplier

Our products are supplied and printed by Printful. They’ve been doing what they do since 2013 and are established as market leaders so your products are in good hands. Everything is printed on demand and they have centres across the world which means less waste, faster fulfilment and cheaper shipping rates, while also helping to reduce CO₂ emissions.

Printful use a printing technique called direct-to-garment (DTG) for our apparel products. With DTG, ink is sprayed onto the garment, which helps it soak better into the fabric and makes the print less prone to fading. They are printed using Kornit machines and inks. Kornit uses high-quality, water-based vegan inks. If you want more info on Printful, please visit their website.

Thanks for visiting our website and taking time to read about us. We hope you like what you see!

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