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be individual, stand out, be yourself

Welcome to the Slum City About Us page.

My name is Anselm Duprey. Yep, that’s me trying to look cool in a dodgy holiday pic! I’m a former travel agent and in March 2018 I quit my job and started this business because I love t-shirts. In the first year I probably learned more than I have in the past 20, about myself as well as business. I may be enjoying it but I never said it would be easy!

I’ve spent my life playing bass guitar in bands, going to clubs and festivals, travelling to various parts of the world and working in the rtrravel industry. All good t-shirt environments and activities. I know what makes a good t-shirt so I’ve entered this hugely competitive market looking to stand out with some unique slogans and original, creative ideas.

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I started with a few slogans based on things people say that I thought would be great on a t-shirt. That soon developed to include Word Art, somee drawings and theme-based designs (like our zodiac range).

I soon realised that a lot of these designs and slogans look great on other products like tote bags, mugs, phone cases etc. so what started out as just wanting to sell a few t-shirts soon grew to a much wider business idea.

Now, apart from this website, we also have a Spreadshirt shop ( and a Redbubble shop ( where we have other products on offer like, for example, bedding. Check out the football pitch bed sheet on Redbubble!

There’s a great song by an English band, The Kinks, called “I’m Not Like Everybody Else” and that’s the aim for SLUM CITY.

By the way, we’ve got “I’m Not Like Everybody Else” t-shirts etc so check them out if you like the Kinks and mod stuff in general!

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It’s great to have you here. Let us know what you think, either through our contact us page, Facebook or Instagram. We really appreciate anyone that actually takes the time to contact us.

So, be individual, stand out and be yourself. Why would you want to be like everybody else anyway?!

And don’t forget to buy something different!